Four ways to cleans your intestine in a natural way at home!

  Total intestinal cleaning!

Intestinal cleansing which we recommend in our practice is a total cleansing, means cleaning the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. You can do bowel cleansing in various ways. Right here I give you 4 different methods. Choose what suits you the best and with the help of this article you can do intestinal cleaning by yourself.


  •    Plan your bowel cleansing on your day off.
    • Intestinal cleansing is done on an empty stomach, preferably in the early morning.
    • Prepare a large pan of soup or something else that is warm, cooked and easily digestible.
    • Avoid raw food such as apples, lettuce, etc. on that day due to fermentation.
    • If necessary, take a probiotic cure after a colon cleansing, such as Curculac , Imutis of Glutazyme.
    • If you suffer from candida, then you should take a Lactibiane cure or Ashoka tablets from Ayurveda, for a while.
    • After an intestinal cleansing, an enema is good, but not necessary.


Possibly disappointments

Intestinal cleans may  not work the very first time. It happen sometimes. The intestine have retaine undigested food for years that causes toxins. It is logical that the intestines need time before the waste can be released. You can not even rinse a caked pan. You should also soak it in water, sometimes for days. Never give up, keep confident in body intelligence.

Fear of purifying!
There are maybe some fears when it comes to detoxing. The most common fear is that intestinal cleansing can also wash away the good bacteria. That’s right. During a colon cleansing, good and bad bacteria, both can wash away. However, that is no reason to neglect your hygiene. There are different types of probiotics to supplement the good intestinal bacteria if necessary. Good bacteria also die due to the use of antibiotics. That does not stop you to use antibiotics anyway.

• Many do not know that they already rinsed off the good bacteria. This can also be one of the reasons for bowel problems like IBS.
• If you have had several antibiotics, then chances are that the bacteria you need is already missing. Just like a colon cleansing flushes everything, exactly so antibiotics kills all bacteria, regardless of good or bad. Intestinal detox and antibiotics cures can’t make the difference between good and bad bacteria. They flush all out.
• Good intestinal bacteria can’t be lost after 1 purification. But in chronic diseases when multiple bowel cleansing is required, you can lose it all. Probiotics can in such cases offer a solution.


Different types of intestinal detoxes

Method 1
Bowel cleaning with Erand oil

This works the best if you have something greasy dinner the night before, like pizza with a lot of cheese. Stir 50 ml erand oil in a glass of warm milk and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. Then do not eat or drink. After about an hour it starts working. After each toilet visit you should drink water or herbal tea. Drinking hot water only works best. After 5 to 6 toilet visits you can eat a little. If you start at 8.00 am, you will be ready by 13.00 and you can eat.
Erand oil you can also be taken in quantities of 2 tablespoons three days in a row before bedtime. This is required for children and the elderly.


Method 2
Bowel cleaning with Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking Soda

Take 1-1.5 tablespoon of baking soda in a large glass of cold water. Add 1-2 tablespoons of lime juice. Stir until the salt is dissolved and drink it on a empty stomach. After 1 hour it starts to work. After the first bowel movement you start drinking lukewarm water until only water comes out. Then you stop drinking water, wait another half an hour then have your meal and take rest.
Enough sleep on this day and warm, easily digestible food is recommended.

Pay attention:
If nothing happens after 1.5 hours, you can have your breakfast and try the purification on another day.

We have noticed that at high acidification at low pH value of 4 to 5, this cleaning only starts after a number of attempts. The sodium bicarbonate is absorbed in your body to de-acidify, it seems like the cleaning is not working. However, the PH value does rise. That is an advantage that we have measured more often.
You can also purchase PH strips and measure and track the difference yourself before and after drinking sodium bicarbonate


Method 3
Bowel cleaning with Sennep tea

Boil 1 tablespoon of senna leaves with 1/2 tablespoon of mint leaves and 1/2 tablespoon of green tea in 1.5 liters of water for about 15 minutes. Drink it lukewarm in 1-2 hours the next morning on an empty stomach. You can also prepare this one night in advance and warm a bit the next morning. Then the herbs are better absorbed and it works faster
If you prefer ready made teabags, you can find them in our webshop.
During this cleaning you can drink soup all day long.

Method 4
Bowel cleaning with magnesium sulphate / bitter salt

Magnesium sulfate tastes bitter (hence the name bitter salt) and works laxative. Use exactly the same way as Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking Soda. The difference between Bitter salt and Baking salt is:
• Purification with baking soda shrinks the PH value, which does not happen very quickly when using bitter salt.
• Bitter salt does drink a little easier than baking soda.

Indication of complaints and the best suited treatment .

In gastric acid, constipation, migraine, rheumatic complaints and gout, it is better to do the baking soda detox.

When suffering from IBS it is better to take erand oil and after 3 weeks the baking soda method. Probiotics is recommended.

In case of stubborn and prolonged blockage, a Sennepblad detox for the whole day is better to start. After 4 weeks, again with baking soda followed by a probiotics cure if necessary.

Bitter salt can be used preventive.


It is advisable to adjust your diet and lifestyle. By proper nutrition and good bowel function, your body cleans itself daily in a natural way.

30 years ago, one bowel cleaning a year was enough. Probiotics was also not necessary. Now a days even 4-6 cleanings are not enough in some cases. Our lifestyle and diet has changed.

Pay attention to the food chains and you will notice the waste product in the form of plastic (synthetic such as margarine) and residues as processed meat, slime-promoting dairy desserts ( combination fruit and dairy), acidifying sugars / sweeteners, E-numbers and less vitamins and minerals if we do not pay attention.
Foods that can stimulate daily bowel movements are: Plums, dried apricots, orange juice, psyllium flakes, flaxseed, sweet tamarind, glass of warm milk with Ghee / clarified butter and coffee.

Of course it is best if your intestines do not need any aids. That is almost impossible with our current food supply, unless you stay alert every day during your shopping and cooking.
Share your detox experiences here with us so we can learn from each other. Please respond only if you have something to contribute to bowel cleansing. Do not spread judgments and fear. I sometimes notice that people who have fears and taboos about cleaning also try to stop others. It is not necessary.


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